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Kevin Brooks

Kevin Brooks

The St. Jude videographer on his artistic influences and growing up in Memphis


I grew up in a house filled with people who loved movies. Especially my grandmother and father, who were really into cinema—everything from Kung Fu films to classics, which influenced my path. My family was just really open to the creative world and I’m very grateful for that. Ever since the age of 6, I knew that I wanted to be in film. I got a camera that year and started creating stories that I hoped people could connect with.

Kevin Brooks


My first time being on a plane was because of film. I had never traveled anywhere and had been in Memphis my whole life. But when I was 20, I got the chance to be a part of the Sundance Program and flew to Utah. And from there I’ve gone to places like San Diego and Texas to do things with film. Pretty much all over the country.

I get a lot of inspiration just by walking around this town because there’s a story on every single corner …  and it sparks my creativity.

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Kevin Brooks



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I grew up in Memphis. My parents were born and raised here as well. People always ask me why I stay—especially people in creative industries. But I tell them that Memphis has its own special flavor. I get a lot of inspiration just by walking around this town because there’s a story on every single corner. There are all these possibilities here and nowhere else has that same feeling. Memphis has my heart and it sparks my creativity.


At St. Jude, the people are real. And they’re there for you. Everyone is genuinely engaged and invested. From my first day on the job I thought, Wow, there are some really cool people here. With my filmmaking, I want to do things that push society forward. And I know at St. Jude we’re doing that.


On the weekends, I spend a lot of time at concerts, going to movies, catching a basketball game or working on material for my own projects. I’m always trying to be as creative as possible and experience all that the city has to offer. I live Downtown and love the flavor of the neighborhood. There’s always something to do and it feels like I’m five minutes away from everything.