What’s the weather like in Memphis?

Memphis is a four-season city, though residents enjoy mostly mild weather year-round. In fact, neighbors are known to relax on porches, dine on patios and gather in parks for nine months of the year.

Fall (September/October/November)

Fall in Memphis is a time for cozy sweaters, leaf-peeping, and picnics in the grass accompanied by live music. September offers a gradual transition into fall, eking out a few 85°F days, but the overall average temperature hovers around a pleasant 63°F. From late October to early November, you’ll find opportunities for some incredible leaf-peeping at Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park. And from September to October, Overton Park Shell hosts free outdoor concerts on Friday and Saturday evenings, featuring a lineup of touring and local acts. 

Winter (December/January/February)

Winters in Memphis are brief and mostly mild, lasting a little under two months from December to January, with an average temperature of 43°F. Memphians like to warm up with spiked hot chocolate from South of Beale, Memphis Grizzlies Basketball games, and a festive holiday parade on Beale Street featuring colorful floats and festive marching bands. The Bluff City sees little snow throughout the season, making greater Memphis as accessible as it always is throughout the year. 

Spring (March/April/May)

Spring in Memphis is a time to shed the coat, take in the blooms, and prepare for summer. March can see a high of 64°F, while the average daily temperature hovers around 59°F. April and May are the best months to visit the Memphis Botanic Garden with its menagerie of flowers in full bloom including daffodils, ephemerals, magnolias, tulips, hyacinths, azaleas, cherry trees, dogwoods, peonies, irises, and roses. Summer weather begins to make its appearance in late May. The Children’s Museum of Memphis provides a splash park, where the whole family can cool off. 

Summer (June/July/August)

Break out those bathing suits because the summer months in Memphis are hot ones. The average temperature sizzles around 80°F, with humidity peaking in July at 58%. Summer kicks off with the Memphis Juneteenth Festival featuring live music, a freedom walk/run, and local vendors. For those hotter days, the Children’s Museum of Memphis has the H20h! Splash Park where families can cool off with a variety of water sprayers including jet streams, mists, geysers, and water tunnels. 

For gardeners, Memphis is a great place. You can grow basically anything—even into the fall and the early winter.

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Shelby Farms Park is a popular recreation area in Memphis. The park has more than 20 lakes and miles of walking/running/cycling trails.

I live right by the river in Downtown Memphis. I’m from London and I’m used to walking everywhere. Here, I walk from my house to work just about every day.

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