What’s the weather like in Memphis?

Memphis is a four-season city, though residents enjoy mostly mild weather year-round. In fact, neighbors are known to relax on porches, dine on patios and gather in parks for nine months of the year.

The average annual temperature is 62 degrees, climbing to an average of 81 degrees in summer and dipping to 43 degrees in winter, with little annual snowfall.

For more information on our weather and how it stacks up to other metro areas, check out the Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce’s outline comparing Memphis’s weather with temps in cities like New York and Chicago. 

For gardeners, Memphis is a great place. You can grow basically anything—even into the fall and the early winter.

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Amanda Green



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Shelby Farms Park is a popular recreation area in Memphis. The park has more than 20 lakes and miles of walking/running/cycling trails.

I live right by the river in Downtown Memphis. I’m from London and I’m used to walking everywhere. Here, I walk from my house to work just about every day.

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