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Shondra Miller

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Vice President and Associate Director of Cancer Center Shared Resources talks inspiration for working at St. Jude and living in Memphis.



When my family and I moved to Memphis, it didn’t take long for us to discover the way Memphians support and rally behind the forward momentum of the city. The giving spirit you find here is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. We wanted to be part of that giving spirit. It’s easy to be part of a community that loves and supports the growth and positive changes that are happening here. 

image of Shondra Miller and man


Taking my job at St. Jude has been the greatest decision I’ve made in my career. Every day, I’m motivated and inspired by the work that is happening across the institution. Getting a front row seat to the work that is happening here only increases my desire to pursue greater opportunities that will help the advancements and betterment of St. Jude. The opportunity I have been given to help move scientific discoveries forward is a privilege and reminds me every day I am a part of a life-changing mission and vision.  

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The support, buy-in and grit of Memphians is something I’ve never experienced before. I love that you can easily give back and rally behind the love there is for this city.

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Shondra Miller

Vice President

Associate Director, Cancer Center Shared Resources


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We chose to live in Bartlett, a suburb of Memphis, for the ample amount of green space that surrounds our community and the proximity of a local park just down the street for our kids to run and play. We’re still close to everything we need, and my commute is never more than 30 minutes, even during rush-hour.


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