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Shine Schattgen

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Senior associate counsel in the office of legal services and mom of two on trading her hometown of Boston for the wide open spaces, convenience, and family-friendly attractions of East Memphis.

Photo of woman, man and children

“There was a big sense of welcoming that we felt when we moved here. St. Jude is a big part of the community and you see that no matter where you go in Memphis.”

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Shine Schattgen

Senior Associate Counsel, Legal Services

High Point Terrace

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Shine Schattgen and family


When we came here to East Memphis three years ago, it opened my eyes to what we could do. We wanted that city vibe without the traffic and overcrowding. We wanted a place with a yard in a neighborhood of other young professionals, that’s also central to everything. And that’s what we found in High Point Terrace. We get the big city activities, a lot of green space, and all at a great cost of living. East Memphis has the feeling of being a little neighborhood within a big city. High Point Terrace celebrates the Fourth of July with a charming local parade. Everyone is super friendly here. 

It’s quirky, and it’s gritty, and there’s history here, and all those things combined make Memphis a really special experience.



It's 20 minutes to get everywhere: 20 minutes to Shelby Farms Park, 20 minutes to downtown, and less than 20 minutes to St. Jude. Coming from Boston, where every commute is at least 45 minutes, this is a perk. We get to enjoy more family time together.



We love the outdoor spaces in Memphis. We love the Memphis Botanic Garden where the kids just run and explore. My kids love to play Three Little Pigs while at the botanic gardens because they have the space to run around there. Because the cost of living is so reasonable here, we’re able to join memberships, like at the Children's Museum and the Zoo which is one of the best zoos in the country. As a family, we’re able to do and see more in Memphis than if we’d stayed in Boston where I was paying a lot more for a one-bedroom apartment. I've told so many friends that Memphis is such a family-friendly city. 

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