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Juraj Dzbor

Juraj Dzbor and family

Vice President and Chief Audit Officer shares why working at St. Jude is special and the positive investments happening in Memphis.


My family chose to live in the East Memphis area, a neighborhood not too far from the center of downtown. We’re conveniently located to everything we need and enjoy. From our home to Shelby Farms Park, our girls’ school, and work is no more than a 20-minute drive.  

Juraj Dzbor and family

Memphis feels like home—it feels like this is where our family should be.

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Juraj Dzbor

Vice President

Chief Audit Officer

East Memphis

Shelby farms
Dzbor kids


I’ve always wanted to work for an organization that is making a real difference in the world, and St. Jude has given me just that! It’s a privilege and dream come true to represent the work that we do every day and share the life-changing stories. Having the opportunity to support and contribute to the mission of St. Jude is extremely rewarding and fulfilling.


When my family and I first moved to Memphis, it did not take long for us to adapt to our new surroundings. Previously living in larger cities across the U.S., we found a uniqueness to Memphis, from its rich history to the variety of diversity that is spread out across the city. Watching the continued growth and investment in Memphis is very encouraging, and I hope to see this place evolve even more with the already unique qualities it has to offer.